On Collaboration

What Steve Jobs said about only being able to connect the dots looking back is definitely true. There were times since 2011 when I felt that I wasn't going anywhere with my advocacy, or that I was going too slow. But things seem to be coming together now. I know that it's not permanent and… Continue reading On Collaboration


On Difficult People

The article below is very applicable to my experience last year. It's a good reminder for me, especially now that I'm having unavoidable contact through email with some of the difficult people from last year. Their mere online presence still has a tendency to suck out energy, but the distance makes it easier to keep… Continue reading On Difficult People

Twenty Five

I was originally planning an outreach activity for my 25th birthday, but circumstances were not yet right so I had to move the event a few months later. I told myself that I'll just probably spend my birthday as normal as possible, as if it was any other day (as always). I recalled my past… Continue reading Twenty Five

An Angel Came

One of the Research Assistants in our department sent me a message in FB last night saying that she remembered me when she read this story: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151222672321191&set=a.307258816190.151450.303536836190&type=1 It was a very touching story and I thanked her for sharing it. Her message came at the right moment. I was a terrible mess this past week and… Continue reading An Angel Came

The Different Faces of Success

The last book I've read in 2012, just two days before new year, was Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers. This bestselling author is also the writer of The Tipping Point and Blink. I had such a hard time deciding which of the three books to buy first since all of them seem so interesting! Luckily, I did… Continue reading The Different Faces of Success