On Gratitude & Choices

One of the things I am thankful for in my training is that it gave me the opportunity to work with undergraduates. It was the closest thing to my work back in the Philippines. My undergrads here taught me, among other things, that gratitude is indeed universal. I went to work today and found no more... Continue Reading →



Do what makes you feel alive. The world may distract you by showing beautiful things that society dictates as acceptable. But do not forget how simple life can be--a life without the intricacies of changing who you are just to fit in. Remember that it is only ourselves who can stop us from reaching our goals;... Continue Reading →


Silence. by jmanapat   Silence. I hear it in writing. Letters appearing quietly, To form words, To form thoughts, To make sense of things The mind is desperately trying to organize.   Silence. I feel it when my heart is at peace. When it is confident, That the Universe will always provide Enough reason for... Continue Reading →


I am now approaching my third month away from home and the Universe is very kind to have blessed me with friends who are more like my family here in Cleveland. It never fails to amaze me how quickly we got along with each other! The past two days, though, I have been feeling weird.... Continue Reading →

Writing for Therapy

I had this practice before of writing in my blog the little things that made me smile throughout the day. It reminded me to enjoy the simple things that we might be taking for granted because of the insanely fast pace we seem to be living our lives today. Since I'm currently feeling weird (happy,... Continue Reading →


Clarity by jmanapat I never would have guessed, That you have gone through such a test. The smile you wear on your face, Never left a trace. You cared so much for people around you, My lonely heart started not to feel blue. We shared music, books, and poems you've written; I swear I thought... Continue Reading →

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