On Changing Perspectives

Whenever I do goal-setting, I always welcome the possibility that my priorities would eventually change. Now that I am older and much different than my extremely idealistic I’m-out-to-save-the-world self, I do find my perspective and priorities changing. I was being interviewed the other day by a friend and his daughter who started a blog last year about women in technology. My friend refused to believe that my idealism was lessened through the years because to him my projects and advocacy on Humanitarian Engineering still sound idealistic. So I told him that, yes, idealism is still there, but there is now a touch of reality in it.

Take my perspective on PhD for instance. Just last month, I was telling my long-time mentor in the department that I wasn’t interested in taking a PhD. This was my view ever since because my role models in Humanitarian Engineering don’t have PhDs. They can complete impactful projects without that degree, so why should I whack my brain for 3-5 years just to get the title? Publications also never appealed to me until I was actually able to publish in a high-impact journal early this year. But it wasn’t seeing my paper published online that changed my view of journal articles. It was when I realized that students were actually reading my work that I started appreciating its significance. People read it! It’s not just “stuck on paper” as I always used to believe. People use it to advance their respective research projects, which will consequently help move humanity forward.

I was surprised how my change in perspective on scientific journals immediately dispelled my abhorrence in taking a PhD. All of a sudden, the 3-5 years looked exciting! It’s like an adventure in search of knowledge and skills development! The best part is if you get a scholarship you will even get paid to be on that adventure!!!

Thus, here I am applying for a PhD. I already have a prospective adviser who is guiding me in crafting the proposal for the scholarship. Hopefully, all goes well. Please pray for me! :)

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Being Practical

Galaxy Note 10.1 or Berghaus 45L + 8 backpack & travelling?

note 10.1

I first saw an actual Note 10.1 in use when I attended a PhD dissertation defense last semester and saw this girl take down notes with a stylus on a professional-looking white tablet. The only “Note” gadget I was familiar with at that time was the phone, whose screen was way too small for my primary purpose of reading and annotating journals, lectures, and other documents on the go. So the large screen of the Note 10.1 really appealed to me. Plus it has an equation editor, too! Though I don’t really intend to do problem-solving with a tablet, I’m pretty sure it will come in handy given the field I’m in. This device also has a USB adapter (sold separately) and these days, having a USB slot in a device allows it to be connected to just about anything! The cheapest Note 10.1 I saw is around PhP20, 600 (Wi-fi + 3G).

bergaus 1

What makes me hesitant to buy the tablet is the fact that I can use the 20k for other things, specifically travelling! I can’t help but imagine that for 20k I can buy a really great backpack for hiking (Berghaus Women’s Verden 45 + 8 Rucksack, PhP5,995) and join more TrailAd trips. There’s no need to elaborate the benefits of travelling. So now I’m torn as to which product is more practical to buy. 0_0

Do I really need a tablet? Or should I just manage my time more effectively and do things with my laptop?

Will I really travel that often if I buy the backpack?

Is the tablet more useful for my line of work (academe and reasearch)?

Torn and confused! A little help? :)