Being a Millennial

Millennials or Gen Y. So that's what our generation is called. Here are interesting articles about different generations, but mostly about Gen Y. The third article might be particularly helpful, especially if you're working in an environment dominated by Millennials. It's also interesting to know that Gen Z is out to change the world for... Continue Reading →


“To Find Happiness, Forget About Passion”

I stumbled upon this article while reading through the website of Ms. Anna Oposa, one of my biggest inspirations for dreaming big. The title caught my attention because for many years I have been told, like many people, to find what I am passionate about. Fortunately after reading the article, I realized that things still... Continue Reading →


This week has been my most unproductive time academically, but my most productive in terms of reconnecting with family and friends. It was a time of having dinner with a balikbayan aunt and having coffee to catch up with the same aunt and a cousin I haven't seen for a long time (who ironically works... Continue Reading →

Mixing Again

This article shows why I started learning about Ignatian Spirituality- it allows me to mix Buddhism with Christianity without feeling guilty that I'm being "less" Catholic by following Buddha's teachings. I attempted mixing the two religions back when I was in high school. It caused chaos in my mind. Now, after a decade, here I... Continue Reading →

What’s your daily routine?

An article from GOOD described Benjamin Franklin's daily routine and what's really interesting about it is the question he would ask himself upon waking up and before going to sleep. Find out what that question is here. :)

Relaxing for Productivity

Article: Relax! You'll Be More Productive I better try the 90-minute work interval. I tried taking a nap before, but my supposedly 30-minute nap would always turn out to be 2 or 3 hours long! lol.

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