Being a Millennial

Millennials or Gen Y. So that’s what our generation is called. Here are interesting articles about different generations, but mostly about Gen Y. The third article might be particularly helpful, especially if you’re working in an environment dominated by Millennials. It’s also interesting to know that Gen Z is out to change the world for the better more than Gen Y. That would be exciting!

1. Gen Z, Gen Y, baby boomers – a guide to the generations

2. Millennials Are Cynical Do-Gooders

3. The U.S. Chairman of PwC on Keeping Millennials Engaged

What generation are you from?


“To Find Happiness, Forget About Passion”

I stumbled upon this article while reading through the website of Ms. Anna Oposa, one of my biggest inspirations for dreaming big. The title caught my attention because for many years I have been told, like many people, to find what I am passionate about. Fortunately after reading the article, I realized that things still fell into place on their own for the past few years because the universe led me to a problem I wanted to help solve: engineering education. I probably wouldn’t have realized my passions (education and community service) had I not felt intense frustration in graduate school. So yes, I guess it’s true that if you find the correct problem, passion and happiness will automatically follow.

You may read the article here: To Find Happiness, Forget About Passion

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This week has been my most unproductive time academically, but my most productive in terms of reconnecting with family and friends.

It was a time of having dinner with a balikbayan aunt and having coffee to catch up with the same aunt and a cousin I haven’t seen for a long time (who ironically works in the same university as mine).

It was a time of writing snail mails to friends and family. Oh, that exciting feeling of gluing stamps on envelopes and sending them via PhilPost!

It was a time of a spontaneous trip to a park with friends to ride a “go-kart” for fifteen minutes, have a cone of dirty ice cream, walk around, and take pictures as if we were tourists in a city we’ve known for so long.

It was a time of having dinner with high school friends and talk about career, family, future plans, and that inevitable moment of looking back to the “good old days” (goodness, we must be growing old! haha).

But as I’ve said, this week was terribly unproductive academically and I think I partly know the reason why after reading this article from

I was literally drained. I lacked exercise for the past month or two, didn’t eat breakfast until after my first class was over, slept for only an average of three hours to prepare lectures, worked during weekends, and yes, I have to admit that I can be a perfectionist at times. Sounds awfully tiring, right?

I don’t want to experience that again in the coming weeks! At least I am now aware of some things that zap huge amounts of energy. I’ll try avoiding them in the future! Exercise started today. Hopefully I can establish an early morning exercise routine that doesn’t take much time (maybe around 20 minutes will do). I think it would feel great to do yoga and have a hearty breakfast before going to work. Ahhhh, just thinking about it makes me feel good already!

Here we go. Wish me luck next week! :)

Mixing Again

This article shows why I started learning about Ignatian Spirituality- it allows me to mix Buddhism with Christianity without feeling guilty that I’m being “less” Catholic by following Buddha’s teachings. I attempted mixing the two religions back when I was in high school. It caused chaos in my mind. Now, after a decade, here I am mixing again. Progress is slow, but so far, so good. :)

Have a GREAT weekend friends! :)