On Overwhelm

So we're at that point again when you don't know how to fit everything in 24 hours. Step by step. Take it one at a time. Prioritize. We'll get the hang of this. The heart is still full. You're okay. :)


Sometimes you have to remember, it's okay to relax. Don't take yourself too seriously (you might drive people away if you're too grumpy! XD). Smile, enjoy, have fun! You're okay. :)

On Slowing Down

It's that feeling again. That feeling of moving forward, but not fast enough. It's that feeling again. Memories from last year remembered from reading a novel whose lead male character is only one letter short of his name. It's that feeling again. The need to slow down. Collect my thoughts. That feeling that the reason... Continue Reading →

Two Different Worlds by: jzmanapat Watercolor on drawing paper January 2017 "There are people who are not meant to stay in our lives. Let them go. You'll be okay." :)


Again and again and again. But each time I learn something new. No regrets. :) This thing might not be for me because, five years ago, I just might have married my advocacy. But who knows? I might be wrong. For now, I gracefully let go again. You think by now I've learned, Play with... Continue Reading →

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