And then… i was still.

March 13, 2010   I was productive yesterday. I was productive this morning. Then suddenly while I was studying this afternoon... I was still. It was as if my body (or brain) was telling me, "stop, I'm tired." I tried solving a problem in ES 21, but it won't sink in. I took a break... Continue Reading →


After Two Years… nakumpleto kami!

January 6, 2010. Charlie called last night at home and suggested that Tan2, Richard, him, and I meet for lunch the next day. I immediately became excited and happy (for I was feeling annoyed, confused, and was about to cry before he called). Tan2 said yes instantly, but Richard wasn't sure if he could come.... Continue Reading →

Live Each Moment =)

January 5, 2010. First day of classes after Christmas break. For some reason, I was feeling nervous the night before. But God prepared a lot of surprises. ^^ Here's some of them: 1. Nakita si Stef (tama ba spelling?) sa may bulletin board malapit sa ACES tambayan. Nagkakwentuhan sandali ^^ at pagkatapos nun... 2. Nakita... Continue Reading →

What Made You Smile Today? =)

July 22, 2009   Count your blessings, not your worries! Even if exams are happening almost every week, let's not forget to be happy. I mean REALLY happy! Here are some of the things that made me REALLY HAPPY today: 1. A short walk with Charlie! Haha, nagkasalubong kami nung umaga (mga 8:05 nun) tapos... Continue Reading →

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