LiveJournal Part 8: The last entry

[This post was like a wake up call for me. I believe that God sent that email two weeks ago reminding me of the LiveJournal account for me to read this again after six years. :)] April 18, 2006 Jill, you're divinely inspired when it comes to Culture! Get up and go? You've got… Continue reading LiveJournal Part 8: The last entry


LiveJournal Part 7: The sixth entry

April 18, 2006 Holy Week... =) Hi Journal! Happy Easter! The past week was really fun. We went to Mercedes to fetch my cousins and other relatives then we went home to spend the holy week together. At first, we weren't doing anything since it was soooooo hot that everyone didn't want to move at… Continue reading LiveJournal Part 7: The sixth entry

LiveJournal Part 6: The fifth entry

April 11, 2006 Surprise, Surprise!! Hey Journal it's me again! I'm just going to tell you my plan for my father's birthday. [my plan? this was mama's idea, not mine! Unfortunately, we were not able to do it... YET. :)] You see, my father is fond of taking pictures and he's got plenty of wonderful… Continue reading LiveJournal Part 6: The fifth entry

LiveJournal Part 5: The fourth entry

April 11, 2006 And then there was light...! (where? where?! Oh there it is!!) =P  Hi Journal! My mom and I went to UP this morning to enroll me in archery. Then we went to Manila Seedling and she bought lots of beautiful flowers! I can't wait to see all of them propagate in the… Continue reading LiveJournal Part 5: The fourth entry

LiveJournal Part 4: The third entry

April 10, 2006 To be or not to be... what? =O Hi Journal! I really want to go to school again. This June, I'll be studying at the University of the Philippines! Geez! I still don't know what course I'm taking since the university is still checking what degree program has an avialable slot. Anyway,… Continue reading LiveJournal Part 4: The third entry