On Irony & Pain

Pain by jmanapat How deep must understanding be? How long must patience be? How can a source of joy and encouragement, Be the same source of pain? Should I be doing this? Or have I gone mad? Because it turns out, It is my friend Who's making me sad.   I've stared at death in... Continue Reading →


Carry On!

Carry On! by Robert Service   It's easy to fight when everything's right, And you're mad with the thrill and the glory; It's easy to cheer when victory's near, And wallow in fields that are gory. It's a different song when everything's wrong, When you're feeling infernally mortal; When it's ten against one, and hope... Continue Reading →


Silence. by jmanapat   Silence. I hear it in writing. Letters appearing quietly, To form words, To form thoughts, To make sense of things The mind is desperately trying to organize.   Silence. I feel it when my heart is at peace. When it is confident, That the Universe will always provide Enough reason for... Continue Reading →

Too Much for a Day

Too Much for a Day by jmanapat Too much for a day For memories to stop by and say: Do you remember me? I do. Too much for a day For hope to linger and say: Do you wish for me? I do. Do not worry, The heart knows where it's supposed to go. Do... Continue Reading →

Like a Painting

Like a Painting by jmanapat I still think of you. But the Universe is kind, To have given distance between us, Temporarily. It will help quiet my mind; See beyond the limited things My eyes made me believe. Once the reflection is clear, I will learn to accept things, As they are. I wish you... Continue Reading →


                      Ensō by jmanapat The sun would rise and see me smiling, Thankful for another day beginning. It shines on my heart Where one would find, The dreams and fears I have kept all night. This hopeful heart still longs for you; My dearest friend,... Continue Reading →

Confusing Contentment

"Confusing Contentment" Acrylic on canvas November 2015 jmanapat Confusing. How two emotions tug at each other. On one end you are happy. No matter how many times you try to be prideful, You cannot hide the joy when you are together. You cannot hide it because it is so real, There is no other option but... Continue Reading →

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