Loosen Up

"Do you work on weekends?" I asked my seatmate in the faculty room. His answer was direct and clear: "No! Weekends are sacred for me." He said that that was a time to unwind, rest, and catch up with sleep among other things. Sometimes he would work a bit on Sunday evenings to prepare for… Continue reading Loosen Up


Water with a Twist

The idea of drinking lemon water came to me after seeing the FB status of my friend, Dave, saying that he has been drinking this for almost a year and how it, together with a vegetarian diet, helped him look and feel good. It reminded me how the Mabuhay Temple tea house put lemon slices… Continue reading Water with a Twist

Shooting for a Healthier Mind and Body

Gandiva Archery Range and Cafe is one of the most accessible indoor archery ranges in the metro. Located at the 7th floor of One Corporate Center in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Gandiva has more than bows and arrows to offer because their cafe also serves vegetarian food! I learned about this place from my best… Continue reading Shooting for a Healthier Mind and Body