On Remembering

"We, as university-educated students, did not know how to learn from the tired, the poor, the silent huddled masses yearning to breathe free. We were clearly not hearing what they were trying to tell us. We did not know how to listen. We were educated in another language, using foreign concepts. We used textbooks that… Continue reading On Remembering


On Fiction

Non-fiction books have dominated my shelf for a couple of years now. Biographies, self-help books, books on productivity, psychology, and the like. I would often read them during my free-time as a form of rest and relaxation (R&R). But last month I (finally) realized that it's still more of studying I was doing rather than… Continue reading On Fiction

On Color

A brewing interest. Let's make 2018 #colorful! :3 This book is slowly opening my eyes to the fascinating world of colors and natural pigments. Read about the white pigment so far and how lead carbonate was used for the longest time despite its toxic properties (lead poisoning!!!) because it provides a vivid, opaque color. Zinc… Continue reading On Color

On Essentialism

Greg McKeown's book, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, was such a great read! It's written in a very simple and structured way that it becomes easy to follow and understand. The book also inspires action so much that I finally gathered the courage to turn down a very good opportunity in order to focus… Continue reading On Essentialism

On Resting

So the body gave up. I was down with flu since yesterday morning. The weeklong sleep deprivation took its toll. And it's weird, even though I tried to be efficient, there's still that feeling that I can do more if only I manage my time better. But sometimes, things just don't go as expected. Meetings… Continue reading On Resting