On Materials

"Everything is made of something." ~ Seetal Solanki There are times when it gets confusingly stressful. I am technically in two different programs: Materials Engineering (MatE) and HEED. On paper, I am expected to prioritize MatE being its program coordinator and a full-time faculty in the field. The other program is just extension work. But... Continue Reading →


On Finding One’s Place

There was a lecture I attended before at the Mabuhay Temple about finding your place in the world. I remember shifu reminding us the importance of knowing one's value to help determine where you will place yourself in this complex world. Seven years later, I still struggle with finding my place. Others will find it... Continue Reading →

On Determination

So the Universe is testing me again. Push and Pull. Just when you think you know the way to go, something shiny and tempting is placed right in front of you before you make a turn. Crossroads. One road with all the prestige academia demands from a faculty in engineering: a big project, international collaboration,... Continue Reading →

On Values

I have always believed that education is the key to our nation's progress. But after a conversation on politics with my mother and uncle over merienda, I realized that values must come first. A person may be well-educated, but without a firm set of values as foundation, such great education can end up being misused.

On Responsibilities

"More is asked of us than most people, therefore we must strive to be better than most if we are to prove ourselves worthy of that responsibility..." - Nasuada, from the book Inheritance by Christopher Paolini 2017 was about beginnings. 2018 will be about growth. I am still not used to introducing myself as an... Continue Reading →

On Lectures & Grades

I have a dilemma. Creating lectures and checking exams and quizzes are increasingly difficult to do when you no longer see the point of these outdated teaching and assessment techniques. :(( Probably one of the reasons why I enjoyed handling the product design class this semester. Very minimal lectures. No written exams. But students have... Continue Reading →

On Color

A brewing interest. Let's make 2018 #colorful! :3 This book is slowly opening my eyes to the fascinating world of colors and natural pigments. Read about the white pigment so far and how lead carbonate was used for the longest time despite its toxic properties (lead poisoning!!!) because it provides a vivid, opaque color. Zinc... Continue Reading →

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