Education will always be close to my heart. The way we learn is just fascinating. The brain is beautiful. The heart, even more.

I am a materials engineer who wants to formally bring humanitarian engineering into her beloved country.

I am an early morning person. But I love staring at the stars at night as well.

I love the color yellow. And orange. And green. Basically, any happy color.

I can be brave sometimes in that I will tell someone how I truly feel.

I love pesto. And pasta. And pizza. And chocolates!

I think being angry is a waste of time and energy.

Richard Bach is one of my favorite authors.

I can be very patient, sometimes to a fault.

I am spiritual, but definitely not religious.

I am an idealist and a stubborn optimist.

I love plants. I talk to them. Really!

Music is food for the soul.

Writing is therapy to me.

I daydream a lot.

I smile a lot.


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