by jmanapat


I hear it in writing.
Letters appearing quietly,
To form words,
To form thoughts,
To make sense of things
The mind is desperately trying to organize.


I feel it when my heart is at peace.
When it is confident,
That the Universe will always provide
Enough reason for the heart to continue beating,
To continue loving.


It’s when I sleep at night,
That moment when the music just ended,
And am about to close my eyes.
Sometimes tired,
Sometimes hopeful,
Sometimes too excited to rest,
But always,
Grateful for everything.
The laughter,


That moment when I wake up in the morning,
Opening my eyes,
To let the first rays of light,
Illuminate the magic of a new day.
Another day of making choices;
Of deciding whether or not to be happy,
And grateful.


He said it was difficult to be happy.
I don’t want to believe that.
What if,
It is only ourselves who makes happiness difficult to achieve?
What if happiness is not difficult to achieve?
Maybe we just have to open our entire being to it;
We need to believe we deserve it.
We need to believe,
Everyone deserves it.
Because we all do.


In each moment of silence,
Choose wisely.

1 thought on “Silence”

  1. My friend once said that happiness should not be goal of one’s life. She learned this from her pastor saying that happiness is what you achieved after reaching a goal. I agree with her on that part. Especially, happiness is not something you create. It is something people around you give. :)

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