Uncertain Life. Exciting Life! :)

April 10, 2012

“It is easy enough to be pleasant

When life flows along like a song.

But the man worthwhile

Is the man who can smile

When life goes dead wrong.”

~ from the book, The Purpose of Life by Ven. Dr. Dhammananda

Reading the book above made me realize something: The cause of my frustration is the fact that I am trying to “change the world” when in fact the only thing I need to change is myself! Why on earth do I keep forgetting that?

It is alright to remain idealistic about my humanitarian engineering dream. However, I must always remember that I can achieve that not by changing others but by changing myself and hopefully the people around me will be inspired to do the same thing. Here’s a paragraph from the book that captures this thought perfectly:

What can you achieve by changing the world? Can you achieve perfection? Never. You will only feed your vanity and fulfill your ego. You will be bound to the wheel of existence. But by changing yourself, by realizing the nature of self through selflessness, self-discipline, and self-exertion, you can achieve perfection. By achieving perfection, your life becomes meaningful and you can render great service to others. People will be inspired by your example; they will follow you and also achieve the common aim in life.

So please, please, Jill, don’t try to change the world! It’s way too overwhelming and frustrating! Cultivate yourself and let’s see what happens. :)


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