Tiangge Day. “This is Life!” haha

March 29, 2012

Mama, Tita Nel and I went to Alabang with Papa to see the tiangge (bazaar) near his office. This is also Papa’s second to the last day of work (he’s retiring) so it might be a long time before we could visit Alabang again.

This Alabang bazaar is really one of the best tiangge’s I’ve ever seen! Nakakalito, ang daming magagandang bagay na super affordable. :D We had lunch at Tsokolate Batirol and the food was great! Actually, I order the same thing every time I eat there: Creamy pesto malunggay pasta with shrimps. Yuuuuummmmyy! I <3 pesto! :)

After lunch, we went back to the tiangge to finally buy the things we wanted then at around 3pm we walked to the nearby Bellevue hotel to have a snack at the cafe. If you think it’s expensive, you’ll be surprised that the price of their food is very reasonable. The price of their cakes and pastries are comparable to local bakeshops like Red Ribbon. It may be just a little more expensive, but the serving size and taste is waaaaaayyy better. Sulit!

Thank God for Family day! :)


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