After Two Years… nakumpleto kami!

January 6, 2010.

Charlie called last night at home and suggested that Tan2, Richard, him, and I meet for lunch the next day. I immediately became excited and happy (for I was feeling annoyed, confused, and was about to cry before he called). Tan2 said yes instantly, but Richard wasn’t sure if he could come.

Charlie and I were waiting at the lib as early as 10am even though the meeting time was 11:30am (excited?) because our respective classes were canceled. It turned out that Richard’s PI 100 class wasn’t going to meet as well so he was at the lib by 11am. The three of us were able to talk about a lot of things while we waited for Tan2 who made it on our meeting time.

And off to TechnoHub we went…

It was Tan-tan’s first time at TechnoHub and we decided to eat at Pizza Hut. More kwentuhan came during meal time and then Richard treated us a Dessert platter (also from Pizza Hut)! We were able to take some pictures outside the restaurant, but I was running late for my 1PM class so we left shortly.

The last time the four of us ate together was 2 years ago during my 18th birthday when we had dinner at TOSH Katips. We didn’t have any camera then, so the photo above is the first one with all four of us in it. ^^

Thank God for making this possible. Yey! =)

~ Jill =)


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